Monday, July 25, 2011

Dispatch from the Bohemian Sub-Economy

recess! organizers David Muenzer and Tucker Rae-Grant are still on the move; check out this article from the New York Times City Room blog about their exhibition in the Lipstick Building, 14 & 15.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mise en place - Sowon Kwon

dongghab (jackson, mississippi),
colored pencil on paper
12 x 15 in.

dongghab (hochiminhcity, vietnam),
colored pencil on paper
12 x 15 in.

Mise en place - Liana Moskowitz

Marble Slide
oil on canvas
12 x 17 in

arcylic, paper mache, and plaster on cardboard
24 x 3in.

Mise en place - David Muenzer

Vitamin A Viewing Station
carrot juice, plexiglass tray
60 x 14 x 3in.

Mozart Balls
oil, spray paint, cavnas, wood
28 x 14in.

imperturbable equanimity
archival inkjet print, spray paint, MDF
40 x 29 x 4in.

Mise en place - Eleanor Swordy

oil on canvas
54 x 54 in.

Mise en place - Erick Mack

untitled (hero)
mixed media

Mise en place - Alana Fitzgerald

Come any closer and I will stab you in the heart.
acrylic oil on canvas
72 x 60in.

Mise en place - unknown, Dutch

Pirated, after Crispijn van der Passe's Hortus Floridus
colophon engraving
5 x 8 in., framed
ca. 1650

Mise en place - Sascha Braunig

oil on canvas
20 x 16in.

Mise en place - Mary Reid Kelley

phototransfer and acrylic on canvas
20 x 30 in.

Mise en place - Jeffrey Stuker

Le Poison
60 x 14in.

Mise en place - Tucker Rae-Grant

Two rival factions crystallized following the discovery of vast diamond fields on Mars: those who favored imposing limits on the gems' terrestrial market distribution, and those who wept for the past and future of humanity.
silk, poplar, acrylic, IKEA © Pyssla, brass, grit, cotton
9 x 12in .

"The early models included viewports to counteract their necessarily claustric design," she said. "Their engineers hadn't realized the effect that looking out and seeing one's reflection superimposed on the image of an exploding spaceliner would have."
Silk, poplar, mahogany, gauze, tacks, acrylic
4 x 6in.

Mise en place

Tucker Rae-Grant, Eleanor Swordy, unknown Dutch, Erick Mack, Sowon Kwon, David Muenzer

Alana Fitzgerald, David Muenzer, Jeffrey Stuker, Sascha Braunig, Mary Reid Kelley, Liana Moskowitz, Tucker Rae-Grant

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not Merely a Diced Onion


Recess Gallery
467 W Amsterdam Ave
(between 82nd and 83rd Streets)
Upper West Side

Subway: 1, 2, 3 to 86th, 79th Streets

Sascha Braunig, Alana Fitzgerald, Mary Reid Kelley, Sowon Kwon, Eleanor Swordy, Erick Mack, Liana Moskowitz, David Muenzer, Tucker Rae-Grant, Jeffrey Stucker and an unknown artist ca. 1650.

Opening March 6th, 6-10pm

Mise en place is not merely a diced onion, stacks of pappardelle, and a wooden spoon resting by the stove—it is also the very moment of readiness embodied by the placement of these objects.

Similarly, the works in this show resist reduction to either the material qualities that they exhibit or the subjects to which they often refer.

Although the name "still life" suggests inaction—even to that extreme end of activity, death—the paintings in this show instead take on an active task, approaching the still life as a continual process of arrangement and re-arrangement. The artists center their inquiry on textures, objects, and external references.

As simultaneously images of a subject and themselves the object of interest, the still-lifes in this show offer to their viewers the activity of this arrangement—in all its neurotic, pragmatic, and energetic forms—while remaining inextricably bound to its means.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

recess! - opening

All of these photos are courtesy of the night's illustrious DJ and photographer Ted Gordon.

467 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10024
(between 82nd & 83rd)

Friday, January 8, 2010

recess! - installation views

above, from left: David Muenzer, Elise Adibi, Tucker Rae-Grant, David Muenzer

above, by Elise Adibi:

oil on canvas
20 x 40in.

Landscape on a Stool
12 x 15in. framed

above, by Liana Moskowitz:

Ropes (four paintings)
cardboard, foam core, acrylic paint, rope
6 x 5 x 2ft.

above, by David Muenzer:

Tulip Table (from "Coffee in the Study")
oil on canvas
40 x 12in.

recess! - Hannah Burnett, Sharon Madanes

above, by Hannah Burnett:

digital video
37 sec.

latex, latex paint, cheesecloth
24 x 24 x 18in.

November Muff
in collaboration with Sharon Madanes
synthetic fabric, polyester fiberfill
48 x 12 x 18in.

The photo of the muff in action (middle) is courtesy Ted Gordon.

recess! - David Muenzer

Vitamin A Distribution Center
carrot juice, plexiglass
60 x 14 x 3in.

digital video
15 sec.

photos courtesy Ted Gordon

recess! - Tucker Rae-Grant

above, by Tucker Rae-Grant:

Solaris (morning)
silk, poplar, acrylic, urethane, PVA, emulsion, chalk
4 x 7in.

Learning to live with what you have (Space Exploration in the 21st Century)
gingham, poplar, copper, acrylic, silica
16 x 14in.

Years later, she forgot, or, What are you going to do when the money runs out?
silk, pine, copper, acrylic, urethane, pigment, polyurethane glue
4 x 6in.

The traveler is struck by the unimagined vastness of the new world.
silk, canvas, poplar, acrylic, urethane, silica, glitter, steel
16 x 10in.